Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

Business Leader

Jean Claude Chalhoub (cliquez pour en savoir plus)’s skills and the ability to easily adapt inspired his father to switch him into a managerial position. From this new position, the business – now established internationally - was suitable to propel him towards increased accomplishments. jean claude chalhoub matured the business further when he covered regions such as Latin America, France and Canada. He started and established numerous other chains of the organisation, omitting the group.

Jean Claude Chalhoub - His Personal Skills

Jean Claude Chalhoub is endowed with amazing communications expertise; these enable him to establish a great amount of trust amongst the clients that he interacts with. As a young entrepreneur in the insurance and reinsurance market, he boasts some amazing personal attributes. He has become the successor of his father's and family's business, courtesy of his outstanding qualities. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s skills of comprehension and communication have allowed him to sustain the ultimate level of co-operation and understanding with the company's customers and associates, along with his family members.

He has a big love for sailing and frequently sails his own personal boats. The marvels in the world captivate him. In order to see them for himself, he frequently journeys overseas. Apart from his vocational activities, Jean Claude Chalhoub engages in multiple recreational pursuits. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s pastimes include horse racing, sailing the ocean and visiting different places of the globe.

Due to his insightful understanding of the marketplace, Jean Claude Chalhoub knows what will make his organisation a success. Chalhoub entered the family business as an employee after completing his studies in France. Entering the organisation as a member of staff and climbing up to the top has provided Jean Claude Chalhoub with a significant understanding of the requirements of each division.

Starting his academic career in Egypt, Jean Claude Chalhoub later relocated to France to start his bachelor's degree in economics. His native country is a popular place for holidaymakers. This has allowed him to learn from other cultures by conversing with them. His education assisted him considerably while adapting and learning as a business entrepreneur and leader. His parents coming from not one but two diverse backgrounds aided Jean Claude Chalhoub in embracing their different cultures and languages, learning from their different areas of understanding.

In becoming the person he is today, Jean Claude Chalhoub's individuality was shaped largely by his country of birth and his relationships with his family. Members of his family made sure that he was showered with attention. He was assisted in learning Italian, Spanish, Arabic, English and French by the many visitors who frequented his country. Jean Claude Chalhoub had a wide diversity of cultural experiences during his younger years. His mother was from Italy and his father was Lebanese.